Imagine it…..GereMarie will design it and create it!

To be able to visualize what you want is a powerful step in the thought process. There needs to be a vision of what can be, or what is needed or what is possible. This is what drives human nature to continue to strive for a better, faster, more efficient way of doing business. Imagining solutions for every day problems, situations or existing products is where it all begins. How do we make a product that will improve our customers’ experience and provide an important value to them? Are we really just a bunch of dreamers?

GereMarie’s talented team of engineers will help you turn your vision, your dream, your concept into a reality. With the proper systems, technology, software and know how, we deliver a comprehensive 3D solution for all of your complex modeling and prototyping needs. We perform tolerance stack up analysis that ensures manufacturability and we lay out documents to all necessary specifications.

The delivery documentation provides the foundation upon which prototypes can be built.


You imagined it, now let GereMarie design it!

While you might think that a CAD drawing provides the design, it is not yet complete. It is one thing to imagine it; with the drawing you can SEE it, now you need to experience it. The design phase is where the product is truly modeled to meet all the necessary specifications from a mechanical, electrical, operational and safety perspective.

GereMarie uses a cutting-edge CAM system for programming CNC machine tools. The uniqueness comes in the way in which you choose to make the part a reality. The design team offers power and flexibility behind the software tools to drive a fully modeled and prototyped design for your review. From here is where the magic happens. GereMarie works together with you to quickly modify parts to meet change requests and enhancements with ease. It is truly an ART to combine the most efficient, cost effective way to drive cutting tools and use high speed machining strategies to ensure that your imagined part meets all required specifications.


You imagined it, the design meets your criteria, now let’s create it!

During the prototype process, certain methodologies are used to determine the best possible way to manufacture the creation. GereMarie’s focus over the last three years has been on acquiring and implementing the latest machine tools which enable a high degree of capacity, speed and precision that are difficult to find elsewhere.

GereMarie has a 100% integrated facility with conveyors, automated storage and retrieval systems and machining automation with one integrated process weaving together all the capabilities. The facility includes in house Lathes, HAAS Vertical and OKUMA Horizontal machines together with 24 hour lights out manufacturing systems. Additional capabilities include laser cutting, engraving, anodizing and special finishing processes including color and UV process coatings.

Whatever your vision, GereMarie will be your reliable partner from your first imagined thought all the way until the product is delivered to you or your end customer with the highest satisfaction.