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"I've never seen anything like this."

It’s what people say when they visit Geremarie’s manufacturing facility. From the presidents of Okuma Machine Tool Builders to Department of Defense agents, they express wonder at our automation, process and quality.

Due to our earned reputation as a World-Class, flexible, and reliable supplier, Geremarie became an approved supplier to a large USA-based surgical medical equipment provider in 2019.

We stand ready to exceed your expectations with quick reaction capability and immediate results in Design Assistance, Machining, Fabricating and Anodizing aluminum components. Our capacity, on-time delivery, and Quality are incomparable.

We create aluminum components, from the back of the napkin to the slap of the shipping label. Our integrated end-to-end ERP systems allows 24/7 production for our customers. A part is ordered anywhere in the world, and it’s scheduled on one of our machines in seconds. High precision work and our coordinated measuring system means true exactitude for components on every order, every time.

Our technology, processes, and people make parts beautiful enough to crown luxury watercraft and exact enough to soar through the skies.


    Our Beginning

    Our Beginning

    Geremarie began as a hobby. It started with a single CNC machine that our founder, Jim Schultz, placed in a friend’s shop and worked on outside the hours of his engineering job. But the hours on the machine grew along with Jim’s passion in design, manufacture, and iteration.

    At Geremarie, we think in terms of possibility.

    Our explosive growth began with a wake rack for boats. The expensive nature of aluminum componentry  was common knowledge in the marine industry and the hopes to make them affordable for all users seemed an impossible task. But impossible gets Geremarie going. We re-engineered and manufactured the part to be cool, functional, and cost less.

    We repeated the process with hundreds of aluminum parts and Geremarie expanded from one employee to hundreds with orders in the tens of millions. But we never rested. The same passion that transformed a side-project into major manufacturer continues today as we constantly revise processes and invest in new equipment, people, training, and systems.

      Our Passion

      Our Passion

      We are successful because of a culture of passion.

      We spent five years conceptualizing and building every system and process in our current factory and then when it was finally finished and running optimally, we continued to tweak for optimum performance. Because some optimals are better than others. From where we sit, even a masterpiece of logistics, technology, and automation is only a stepping stone to something greater.

        Our Future

        Our Future

        Geremarie is improving faster than the pace of technology. Sound impossible? It isn’t when we take leading edge engineering and machining tech and implement and integrate it in methods and efficiencies untouched by other manufacturers.

        Take one tour of our facility and the definition of impossible will change for you, too.

        Our Team

        Exceptional Process, Exceptional Solutions

        While the facility is automated, computer guided, and process driven, exceptional people are needed to design and monitor an exceptional process.

        Input comes from every level. From our product design assistance team’s obsession with creating the best possible process for every aluminum part, to our systems engineer’s exhaustive and iterative design of our complete facility, to the workers on the floor who are incentivized to contribute ideas that save a second, reduce waste, and move the needle for our customers.

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        At Geremarie, we believe we’ve got one of the best teams in the world.

        World Class

        Imagine / Create

        We Can Do It

        We can make any aluminum component. Especially parts that don’t exist yet.

        Geremarie features a team of high-level new product development assistance engineers that marry functionality with aesthetics to create best-in-class products for our customers. We help Customers achieve their design intentions and use real-time data management and top CAD/CAM software to rapidly prototype and model new creations.

        After approval, the world class manufacturer goes to work, delivering superior quality product, on time and on budget.

        We are a fully integrated manufacturing company and provide engineering support for customer design specializing in automated 3, 4, and 5 axis CNC milling, automated CNC turning with live tools, Y axis, sub-spindles, automated multitasking machining centers, complemented by swiss turning, laser cutting, laser marking, fabrication, assembly and a full metrology lab with industry leading CMM’s with scanning technology. Finishing processes include polishing, brushing, peripheral brushing, vibratory and a fully automated insourced anodizing line and powder coating line. Servicing the Commercial, Industrial, Marine, Medical, Aerospace and Defense industries.

        Create / Fabricate

        The only thing more beautiful than our parts is the way we make them.

        We invest in the latest machine technology and tools to deliver high-capacity speed and precision manufacturing. Our facility is 100% integrated to maximize efficiency. We do it to deliver the best quality, speed, and value to our customers.

        But we also do it because we love it. Our team of process-obsessed engineers isn’t happy unless we’re constantly improving, tweaking, and pushing our systems towards new heights of optimization.

        At Geremarie, state-of-the-art technology is standard. Click below to learn more.


        Measured by Industry. Scrutinized by Us.

        • Manufacturing, Assembly and Distribution Services certified to the latest Quality Management System revisions.
        • Member of International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG)
        • Global Shop Solutions ERP software designed specifically for the aerospace and defense contract industries.


        Quality Management Service Capabilities

        • Customer Focus – Customer Satisfaction monitored through Surveys and regular communication.
        • Dedicated Customer Service and Sales manager
        • New Product Introduction – Basis PPAP completion for new production parts.
        • Risk Management – Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) tools
        • Problem Solving – New Ideas program encouraging all employee involvement, Six Sigma tools and methodologies
        • Lean Manufacturing – 5S, Poka-Yoke Failure Prevention, Kaizen
        • Advanced Metrology Capability (CMM) – Zeiss – Measure what we manufacture with precision.

        What People Are Saying

        A reflection of our drive to deliver.

        World Class

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        We’re driven to create world class quality for our customers

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