Our Beginning

Geremarie began as a hobby. It started with a single CNC machine that our founder, Jim Schultz, placed in a friend’s shop and worked on outside the hours of his engineering job. But the hours on the machine grew along with Jim’s passion in design, manufacture, and iteration.

At Geremarie, we think in terms of possibility.

Our explosive growth began with a wake rack for boats. The expensive nature of aluminum componentry  was common knowledge in the marine industry and the hopes to make them affordable for all users seemed an impossible task. But impossible gets Geremarie going. We re-engineered and manufactured the part to be cool, functional, and cost less.

We repeated the process with hundreds of aluminum parts and Geremarie expanded from one employee to hundreds with orders in the tens of millions. But we never rested. The same passion that transformed a side-project into major manufacturer continues today as we constantly revise processes and invest in new equipment, people, training, and systems.